About the Band


Winterset is a Minneapolis based folk and Americana project. Members include Myself (Steven) and Cassandra LaFollette. I have been playing since 2008 under the name Winterset. In the hopes of solidifying a second member, I married Cassandra who handles keys, mandolin and makes sure I remembers my lyrics.

The members of the band have changed and Winterset has been everything from a solo project to a four piece.  Rather than moving on to a new project or scrapping the name, I took it on as a bit of a pseudonym with the understanding that anything I puts together will be under that name. The project is named after a small town in Iowa. My uncle owns a hobby farm there and it’s a place of so many wonderful memories. I wanted the music I write to have a foundation in that.

The songs that started Winterset had never been intended for people to hear. I have always enjoyed writing, but it was not until I decided I wanted to become a wildly famous recording engineer. I needed “practice tunes,” material to record only while studying production. Soon after, I realized I could never do beat replacement and realized I’d make a terrible wildly famous person. So I was left with these songs I played in basement or threw together on scratch tracks.

That would be the end of the story had it not been for a crew of friends, some of whom would later spend time in the band. They got together to help purchase a decent guitar for me. Even the strap is handmade by a caring friend. Despite fronting the group, I honestly don’t feel like the original member in that sense. It should be said I have no delusions of becoming something more than I am or becoming a household name. I want to write sincere music where each lyric means something and tells a story, and if I can do that and it resonates with just a few people then I’m happy and I’ve been successful. The way I play guitar is just meant to justify what I’m doing as a song. I’m a melody and lyrics guy I’m pretty rough when it comes to the strings. Cassie is the musically gifted on and she elevates everything we do together with her love of music, her patience with me and her wonderful talent that she is all to humble about.

Winterset has one EP available for sale titled “Early Inventions.” We’ve got lots more but that’s where we’re at so far in terms of capturing it. We have a lot of people to thank for making that possible and if you download it, we hope you like it. Thanks for checking us out. Have a wonderful day.